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Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen


How our cement tiles are made ?
Where are you making them ?
Our tiles are made in Marocco since 1932.
Which formats do you propose ?
We offer square formats 20×20, 15×15, 14×14, 10×10
Hexagonal, octagonal, baseboard and cabochon formats.
We also make custom formats.
What is the thickness of a tile?
17 mm thick except 30 × 30 and 25 × 25 thicknesses 22 mm
Can you reproduce a tile that I saw but I can’t find on your website?
Yes, minimum area required is 12/15 m²
What is the weight per m² of a cement tile?
33 kg/ m²
How can I know the price of cement tiles?
Contact us by phone or ask us for a quote – QUOTE REQUEST
How to lay cement tiles?
Can we put cement tiles outside ?
Yes, but it is not advisable for cement tiles that fade in the sun
What is the thickness of a joint?
About 2 mm. Pigmented joints are strictly forbidden!
Can we put cement tiles on the wall?
Can we put cement tiles on a heated floor?
Can a cement tile be laid on a liquid screed?
Can we put cement tiles on a dry screed with glue?
What kind of glue should we use?
A flex glue according to the support on which it will be placed


Should we do a treatment on the tiles?
Yes, it is obligatory after installation – TREATMENT TIPS
Should the cement tiles be cleaned before treatment?
Yes it is obligatory, because the waterproofing treatment will cover the dirt or stains left.
How many times do we have to wear the waterproofing?
This is done in 2 crossed layers, at intervals (read advice of pose on can)
Is it obligatory to put a wax after waterproofing the tile ?
It is advisable because the wax will come in protection of the waterproofing while giving a patina to your floor.
Is it possible to buy treatment products at home when I didn’t buy my tiles in your store ?
We do not recommend it, as our products are tested on our tiles


How to maintain cement tiles (new or old) ?
Very simply, with a WET mop and not soggy, with water and neutral soap like Marseille soap.
I have stains on the tiles, what to do ?
It would be better if you send us a photo of the ground to advise you. Otherwise, it is possible to remove a stain by sanding down your tile very lightly with sandpaper and water. Then you will need to apply treatment to the area.
What products are to avoid on the tiles ?
Acidic, irritating and corrosive products mustn’t be used.
Can we clean the cement tiles with an anti-scale in the bathroom ?
No it is totally inadvisable.
Should we remake a wax on the ground every year?
No, this is not necessary once the maintenance has been correctly done. It’s possible to add a wax cap 1 to 2 times a year in your cleaning detergent.

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